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Here's a few more pics of some of the f2 babies.

I'm planning on breeding these guys back with their mother. I really want to see the blue color pop with these guys.This is a pic of the mother I used.

Here's a quick update on these guys. Some more cool looking shrimp are coming from this tank

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Awesome shrimp's beautiful Blue's, 


The female you use for this cross is a Tibee from a Snow White with Aura Blue is that correct? It does not look like a normal Aura Blue is been cross once right? they don't have a line on the back normally. interesting cross love the blue's.



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What parameter do you have them in?

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Oh my!! I know this post is a bit old but these pictures made my freaking day!! I’ve been trying to do research on cross breeding aura and tangerine tigers. I’ve just recently got some a few months ago and want to breed them with blue bolts and pintos. This thread and pictures just gave me so much more confidence!! So excited!!

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