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Aquatic Plants -FREE / RAOK - salvinia minima and riccia floaters!


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Offer title: FREE / RAOK - salvinia minima and riccia floaters!

Offer Submitter: Pika

Offer Submitted: 28 May 2014

Offer Category: Aquatic Plants

Cleaning off some of my floaters, and don't want to throw them out if someone wants them!
I love the Salvinia minima; it's such a great plant and has been growing like crazy for me. However, there are many bits of riccia fluitans mixed in with the salvinia, and they are not easy to separate. (I haven't investigated chemical means yet, though there may be something that kills one more than the other) 
So, this mixture is all yours, if you want it! I also don't care if you want to feed it to your goldfish or something. (I don't know if goldfish eat this stuff, but have heard they eat duckweed, sometimes?)
Let me know how you want it shipped, and you pay actual shipping. (First class may be fine, or priority if you're worried about heat)
I can split this into two bunches, over a cup a piece, easy.
Oh, and make sure it's legal to ship to your area, please! Nobody likes noxious weeds.

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Happen to still have this? I know it's been up awhile but I just figured out I have Spirogyra not hair algea... this stuff thrives on everything plants thrive on so I can raise co2 and dose ferts like I was planning too (just ordered the ferts yesterday, nice waste of money). Any ways let me know. Is it snails free?


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I do, actually! Was just getting ready to get rid of it.

I do have snails though, and I can't guarantee they haven't tucked some eggs in these. I have bladder(pond) and Malaysian trumpets in that tank, and a single Ramshorn that came out of there, but is the only one I've seen. (He got moved to a vase of his own, haven't seen any others in the 10g) You could treat with H2O2 or bleach, if you wanted.

If you still want 'em, PM me! I'll hang onto them for a few more days at least. They do a great job of sucking up nitrates.

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