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Panda Loach Needed !


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Does anybody has panda loach (Yaoshania pachychilus)

? or do you know the source where to get them ?

Any help would be appreciated!post-156-0-81206500-1401405308_thumb.jpg

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Or is it the garra favatra? I don't know too much about the different kinds. Just got my yo yo to kill pest snails in discus tank. Wiped them clean in 2 days


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Hi Wicca32,

Yes ! You are correct about the adult turning brownish.

Hi Chris,

They are  Panda loach (Protomyzon pachychilus)


Last year i was in Asia for Koi festival i had seen those panda loaches in shrimp tanks as a cleaning crew, very cute when at young age but turning brownish as adult. I want to get them for the shrimp tanks.

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