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WTB Blue Bee Shrimp


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I recently accidentally poisoned my blue bee tank, and killed most of them :( . As soon as I get everything straightened out I'll likely be in the market for a few more. These shrimp are fairly uncommon, so I figured I'd ask now to get an idea of where to buy from in the (possibly near) future.




May be interested in other paracaridina varieties too.



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I have Caridina pareparensis parvidentata, but not paracaridina.


SKA from Canada has blue bees 10 for $100.


High5's kept them, but hasn't been on much lately...


I've kept and sold them for years, and for some reason I'm often the only person that has them available.


I'm in the states, so I don't think SKA will work. That price kind of hurts too.


I actually tried to contact High5 a few months ago to see if I could get some of his to add new genes to my stock, but he never responded.


I might have to track down some of the people I sold them to, and see if they'll sell me some back.

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Can blue bee be mixed with CRS/CBS?

From what I understand, it's not likely that they will crossbreed, but it's possible. Offspring will likely be infertile.

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