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New tank, new substrate


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On my last tank, I used blasting sand. After washing it forever, and it not looking perfectly clean in the bucket, I gave up and put it in the tank. Sure enough, the finest particles made it look dirty, but they settled out, and tank water looked good. Now I am doing another tank, and trying pool filter sand.

Washed it, probably not as much as the blasting sand. 


I put it in the oven a bit, but probably not long enough.

After adding to the tank it looked a little cloudy, so I drained/filled a few times. Let sit overnight.


Ran a HOB with floss and carbon for a few hours. 

(I didn't plan to run the HOB on this tank, but in just this short treatment, including a sponge prefilter, I got sand in the HOB. )


Still just as cloudy.


I'd call it just barely cloudy, but of course for shrimps, I tend to be more cautious.  Is this normal? I'm hoping maybe after I add my seeded filter and plants (get some life in there!), it will look clearer? 


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If this is a new tank then yes that is very normal.  When you start a fish less cycle, it will go away quickly as the beneficial bacteria start to thrive.  IMO, avoid water clarifiers if possible and give it time to settle in.  :)

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