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So Soothing asked me to make a DIY thread regarding RIT dye and using it to color Spraybars and other fittings.

RIT dye is found in the laundry aisle at a grocery store. It is mainly used to Dye clothes. It is safer than paint and will make PVC look nice.

First step is to gather all the tools you need.

PVC pipe, white do not,get the tan looking one.

Goof Off to remove the bar codes and lettering from the pipe.

Steel wool to lightly scuff the pipe to hold the dye better.

Old pan, gloves and make sure your spouse isn't home. Don't use a good pot either they will be angry!

Follow the directions on the box to mix and start. The pieces need to be heated. If your Spraybars is really long just cut the Spraybars into pieces and just use a collar to put them together. Depending on how long of a pan you have. I used a longer pan and just put on the stove.

Important do not boil The water just simmer. The heat will warp and bend the PVC. Its if the color is almost purple keep it going a bit longer. It also helps to put the fittings together after dyeing. After pulling the pipe out of the water using tongs to remove the pipe from the water. Place all the pipe fittings in cold water to allow it to cool. Like I said helps to put the fittings on to ensure there is no warping.

I need to Dye a few pieces so I will be taking some photos here soon to give an idea of what I am talking about. This is a simple DIY trick that is safer than spray paint and looks great to.


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