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Rose Malawa journey

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Long story short, I discovered long time ago a Malawa shrimp that has half bright orange and half clear body, I isolated the shrimp and bred it with others in hope to get similar offspring, I don't know if that is possible or not but I am trying anyway. so far I am at the F2 generation with no visible orange on the offspring.

The picture doesn't do any justice:



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very sweet!  Back in 2009 or so I had 3 jet black shrimp out of my green shrimp (whichever is the one that breeds slowly and sometimes has red offspring) but the babies never made it and I ended up losing the rest of the colony later.  I hope you have better luck!

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Somatic cell mutations are basically mutations in the cells that do not change the dna in the egg or sperm, therefore cannot be passed on.  (Had to explain that for anyone reading.)


I found that to be common in some BBRRs as well, Shrimpo.  It may very well be that.  Have you considered a mass approach?  3-4 fems in with the one male?


Also, dumb question I know, however are you sure it is a male?

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