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Florescent daylight bulbs >40w?

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"The output of a 25 watt OttLite bulb is roughly equivalent to that of a 100 watt incandescent bulb."




I'm already using a 40w equivalent and it is too much for how long I leave it on all day. :(


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i just went and checked all my bulbs i have 1 13w and the others are 15w. i only buy GE daylight bulbs. all are cfl bulbs and i have the 15w bulbs on a 5 gal and a 1.5 gal cube. no algae issues. the 1.5 cube is a betta tank in the kids room and she leaves the lights on 10-12 hours a day. the other tank i have a 15w on is my tb tank and i normally have it on 14 hours a day. 

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i never have hair algae and i leave lights on way longer than alot of people. ive even left some of them on for days at a time lol. bri likes to leave her betta light on (15 watt cfl ge daylight. 1.5 gal tank) all weekend when she goes to stay with her grandma. i will get green spot but not hair. how much sunlight are they getting? the only time i had a hair algae prob is when i had an endler tank and it got a fair bit of indirect sunlight along with the daylight bulbs.


are you sure its hair and not clado algae? do you have moss balls in the tank or have you had them in any tank? when it likes a tank it looks alot like hair algae and impossible to get rid of. i had it in a 20 and had to tear down a tank and bleach it and the substrate to get rid of it. can you post a pic of your algae tank

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"...hair and not clado algae?"


Not sure at all.  Looks stringy and overtakes the moss and expands in to the tank if I let it go too far.  No moss balls.


"By the way, >40W means "greater than 40W" which confused me at first."


Well crud.  Sorry about that.  The alligator eats the bigger and the point points to the smaller number, right? Ie. 5 > 4


I always get confused when there's a single number.  I maybe should have written it like this? < 5


Either way, I need "less than 40 watt" daylight equivalent florescent bulb.

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your not really going to find anything less i dont think. not in the day light bulb. and soft white is just flat out ugly in tank and i think causes more algae cause its not a good spectrum. the only other thing i would know of is try a plant bulb the pink tint ones. or maybe go with a shop light and hang it over several tanks instead of a light for each one?

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