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Your favorite shrimp tank dimensions

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So I'm wondering what everyone's personal favorite shrimp dimensions are.

I've been considering another tank (everyone knows you can't just have one up) as I have torn down all but 1 of my current setups.

Now my personal favorite so far has definitely been my DBP 2.3 gallon. It was unique and beautiful. I just couldn't get the lighting right on it.

Now I have three things for you to consider: viewing pleasure (so ease of seeing shrimp and ability to aquascape), durability and finally and most importantly the success of shrimp colony.

So please discuss. I have 5 old tanks which I would consider repurposing, but I would not be opposed to a new one. If I repurposed an old tank, I'd do the DBP 2.3 gallon.

So this a dual pronged thread -- it'll help me decide on a new tank to cycle and get up and running, and I'll learn a bit about some of your favorite tanks. There are a lot of new faces here who I don't know too well.

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I've tried the DB, and granted I don't do displays- so that may be why I don't understand the rimless or black silicone hubbub, or "beautiful" tanks, but I've found cheap tenners work best for my purposes.


Playing with different selections, they are small, but still large enough for ~stable params, cheap enough to be bought readily, and self contained in case any unknown break out occurs (hyda, bacterial, etc.) so I won't have problems with huge tank infections (at least not yet.  I may change my mind in the future.)

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