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How Often Do You Feed Your Fry?

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I was wondering how often to you feed your new borns?

They were just born two days ago.


I do have lots of different food and I have lot of different powders, including Shrimp King Baby Powder food.


I also usually feed a small blanched organic Zucchini slice, or some organic spinach too once a week.


But, I was wanted to know how often do everyone feed their new born shrimp, that the powdered food

looks as big as they are?   lol


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I have new born and I don't plan on feeding it anything special. Just let them eat the biofilm inside your tank. If you have none-very little or not enough, buy GlasGarten Bacter EA. Product really works. I just started using it and my shrimp are not touching the processed food I put in today.

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Yea just use a powder food if you wish. I grind all my food up except snowflake. It seems to work for me and have been doing it for a long time. They eat it up and dont have to swarm over eachother for food.

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