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unable to quote or post links

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How are you viewing the site. I'm not having any issues on tapatalk. However if you are using Tapatalk clear your cash, this works for me when odd things happen.

Have a gniess day. -Scott

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That's what I use too.  A tip for ya with firefox. 


Click on "View New Content"


Then instead of clicking on each thread and having to come back to see what other thread is posted to and going there- press ctrl+ left click.  That will open a new tab for every new thread post you click on.  Just click right down the page. Then go to each tab and close as needed because it is already open.  A huge time saver! :)

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I use tap a talk and hate when I'm reading a thread and hit the back button. It no longer shows up in the undread. Search never works well on my phone.


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