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Female Shrimps that stop developing saddles

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How can you tell if there is a saddle with spotted headed shrimps?   I can't even begin to figure out where the saddle part is located with these.

I have several females but none ever show any signs of saddles and no breeding going on.....what's up?

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With my tibees some are semi transparent. I also have a golden bee female thats transparent too. I've seen them all berry up before. Also I keep track of timing with known females 


As for solid colored crs/CBS and tibees I can tell with 2 methods

1.lighting, sometimes when they swim close to the surface I could make out a saddle

2.before molting you could see a small gap between the head and body

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Honestly I would not worry. When is the last time they were berried, had shrimplets, and then molted?

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I do have the same "problems" with my high selective bred spotted heads.. they haven't got berried once since i bought them.. (i think i bought it 5 months ago?) 

I hope the spring/summer will change this.

And the other "low" spotted heads only couple berried female's last year when winter was starting.. since then not a berried one.. once again i hope they will start breed again in the summer ?

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