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Using UV Sterlizer and Power Filter in tank?

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I have a small UV Sterlizer, and a Aqua Powerhead 50 with the water polisher Filter in the middle media section of my main 48" long shrimp tank.


I usually will run them for a couple a of days to three days max, at least once every two to three weeks.


But I have fry in the left end section, which is two sections down from where the media and filters run.


So, I was wondering what others think, if it is still okay to run the UV sterilizer and water polisher filter like normal with the fry being down at the end?


Or should I not use them at all with the fry being in the end the section?



The tank sections have dividers and fry proof stainless steel mesh over the dividers to separate each section ( see my main tank journal in my gallery).


But, I am just unsure if I should use the power head and UV sterilizers at all in the tank?


Thanks, Doc

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Even thought they are two sections over with dividers, and fry proof stainless steel mesh over the dividers in each section?


Do I still need to have sponges on the intakes? They would have to suck up the fry from two sections over? Would they

be powerful enough to do that?


Thanks for your help.

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I stopped using my powerhead and u/v on my 46 bow that I have carbon rili's in.  It seemed they were having issues keeping straigh due to the over filtration on the tank, I had a Cascade 1200, sponge filter, the powerhead w/uv and a bubble disk and poor shrimp were on a constant roller coaster ride!

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