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Neo breeding: Marys and snowballs will not cross?

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OK I though I had to keep one variety of Neo in a tank to avoid breeding to wild. So I have decided that will be bloody marys.

Then last week I was told that Snowballs would be fine and would not interbreed?

So I looked up a chart and if I read it correctly, I could have Marys, snowballs, and Yellows in a tank and have no interbreeding?

If that is true, that is nice. If not I'll stick with the marys.

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Thanks, I figured I ought to check.

I though it was pick a Neo, then pile in a mish mash of cardina and enjoy mischlings galore, then separate out any cool ones and try to breed them in a separate tank.


I figure start with Marys and some tigers adn make sure that is OK before tweaking for the other shrimp.

Should I stick to one variety of tiger also? I never hear much about people people mixing tigers, just breeding them to bees and such.

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Aesthetically speaking, if you like the red/white/yellow scheme, for white with the BMs you could do crystal whites/snow whites or golden bees, to give a bit of yellow. No interbreeding that way. The yellow would be tougher but you could go with another caridina like a YKK or TT. Then you'd be ankle deep in tibees and mischillings.

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