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FT: Malaysian Trumpet Snails (Soil Turners)

Soothing Shrimp

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I have a bunch of Malaysian Trumpet Snails for trade. 


(I'll replace google image tomorrow if absolutely needed, but they look like this.)

Get these to turn your soil so there's no gas pockets, and less detritus. They are most active in the dark.

Hit me up in pm on your trade offers. :)

I'm looking for Subwassertang (round pellia) and shrimp. (No neos, please.  Ugh, that hurts. LOL)

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35 minutes ago, Dluxeshrimps said:

I was going to place some in my shrimp tank to turn up the soil, but they breed in great quantities to the point where the bio load might be an issue.

Or am I wrong here Soothing?

By the time they get to that level with active substrates it will be time to break the tank down and start over. As for inert tanks it could become a problem down the road but if you dont over feed or overstock your tank with shrimp they will balance out.

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