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Shrimp -Auction- 4 Red Claw Shrimp

Soothing Shrimp

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Offer title: Auction- 4 Red Claw Shrimp

Offer Submitter: Soothing Shrimp

Offer Submitted: 10 Jun 2014

Offer Category: Shrimp

OKay folks, this is a MANUAL auction for 4 Red Claw Shrimp. :)


These are juvies/young adults between 1-2 inches.


I have to clear my tank, so I can use it for another project ASAP, and I figured I can help get auctions started here at Shrimp Spot, as well as move my red claw shrimp out. :thumbsup:


These sell for ~$10 ea. on different sites.


Please note these shrimp are around 1" to 2" and gender unknown.  Can grow around 3".  Mine have eaten hair algae and flake food.


Dwarf shrimp that have tagged along on moss placed in their tank have grown up with them without casualty- but no promises on companions in your tanks.  Some sites say plant eaters, although they only ate hair algae in mine and left moss alone.


Keep in mind I cannot replace DOA, and I cannot give any extra in packaging to make up for DOA. I'm selling off my stock of red claw shrimp, so I won't have the opportunity to do that, but I can work with you if needed.  Pictures must be of DOA shrimp in unopened bag within an hour of arrival.


Shipping is $10 for insulated priority mail, or- although I've never done it- I'm willing to try USPS overnight for additional mailing cost.  Any missing claws/legs grow back in next molt, but I'll pack 2 shrimp per breather bag with moss to help eliminate any fighting while traveling. 


Please place bids in this thread as well.  You have to bid manually, no automation yet, so please continue to watch this thread for bids.


Auction ends Saturday, June 14 @ 10pm and an hour after last bid. 


Winner will have the option of buying 2 other (groups of 4) at the same winning price.  I need these red claw shrimp gone so I can use the tank for a new project.  This gives time for me to pm the winner Sat eve/Sunday and receive money through paypal for Monday mailing.


Questions are welcome in this thread. :)


Thanks! B)

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