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Happy Fan Shrimp but not shedding and getting covered in algae

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Hello Shrimper's!

my 6x bamboo shrimps are not shedding and are going green with algae.

I dont really have an algae problem anywhere else.

I have a 34g with under tank canister filter and a circulation head pump that keeps the water constantly moving.

The shrimps are always feeding in the water streams and seems to be happy although they seem to have stopped growing/shedding.

It must be over 4 months since Ive seen any molting.

The water column is not super clean so Im thinking there is enough micro food for them. They are pooping so not exactly starving.

I do add a monthly level teaspoon of seachem equilibrium and there's also a cuttlefish in the filter.
Ph;7 GH:5 and weekly water changes.

I am going to turn down the lights an hour or so per day which is currently 8.

Any other suggestions would be appreciated.



40 rasboras

5 small german rams

2 corys

2 plecos

2 kuhlis

4 hatchet

Feeding once or twice a day flakes and wafers.



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Welcome to SS Duncan.  I'm new as well an am wondering if their coloration is due to the type of food their eating?  Is the second picture before the color change, as they look normal colored.

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I've heard water changes (maybe slightly cooler new water. not sure what % to change out) can induce molts. I'm sure you have probably done those though.


Look into people using Iodide for shrimp. Some people use it when they are having molting issues and it seems to solve some problems. Might be worth a try (commonly see people use Kent Iodide or Seachem Iodide. Look up dosing instructions as it's meant for reef tanks.)


Perhaps Amano shrimp get large enough to not get eaten by the rams and they could clean the Bamboo shrimp's shells. Or maybe even otos or larger snails (nerite, mystery)


Do you know your Phosphate level? Do decrease lighting duration.


Nice tank by the way. How well do the rams get along? (they are young though)

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Hello and thanks for the input and compliments :angel:

All the fish get on well and I had a pleasant surprise of newly layed ram eggs last evening. (gone by this am, prob due to hungry kuhli's)

I havnt checked out iodide but will do some research.

I dont use any carbon in my canister...may consider adding Fluval Zeo-Carb back in to control phosphates.

Does anyone here add equilibrium?

Your right ShrimpP the second pic is an earlier shot. As they age in my tank the shrimp become darker.


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