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who all keeps it and in what conditions? 


i got the gel pack from petsmart. hardly had any roots when i got it so must have been a new pack. and put it in my tb tank with amazonia. low ph of about 6 i think gh5 kh0 tds130ish and temp is 68-70. i never had any melting with it grew well from day one. i noticed it puts out kinda a runner almost or a branch and it will then get roots on it and start growing a new plant. 


i pulled a few and planted them in my 29 to fill in a bare spot. dropped into a tank with ph of about 7.6-7.8 no clue on tds gh or kh but it stayes about 75 thanks to a heater.  even with the huge jump in parameters never saw any melting or anything.  took off growing from the start. 


i did learn by an oops and being lazy lol that a single leaf when left to float will start to grow. how ever i have also learned that rams horn snail will mow it down faster than anything. i had a small plant in a betta tank and they  mowed it down 3 times before it stopped growing back.


here is a pic of my downoi that started sprouting roots. i plan on clearing out snails and planting this single leaf in the old betta tank and watching what happens.



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