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Pregnant CRS Molting?

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So I have a berried CRS in my tank, she's in there with mostly juvies and maybe one or two adult males. Before I noticed the eggs in her undercarriage, I observed her feeling around her tail with her legs and that she seemed to be molting. Her tail was clamped, and the exoskeleton that she was going to shed looked to be separate from her new exoskeleton yet still attached-she had the casing from her tail parts almost hovering above her body. She didn't look to be shedding on her head, which confused me. Then, I noticed her swimmerets (pleopods) fanning in her undercarriage, and I saw eggs which had NOT been there the day before. Has anyone ever had a newly-pregnant shrimp molt after their eggs are in the undercarriage? I was almost sure that this never happened in this order-normally females shed before mating. I'm not sure if she was just having trouble shedding and that's why her exoskeleton is still attached yet it's CLEAR that she's shedding it...idk. I add mineral supplements (Tantora Mineral Stone) because I use an RO/dechlorinated tap water mix in my tanks, so I'm near positive it's not a mineral deficiency... She's acting normal and hiding like pregnant shrimp do, but this is just so mind boggling to me that she'd be shedding AFTER mating. Is this normal? Anyone else experience this happening to a pregnant female before? 




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