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my new addition


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select aquatics is where i got it. i love it. new greed dragon long fin. from my understanding the green dragon is related to the calico. some say calico came from them others say they came from calico's. i want to say its a male but im not sure yet i need to talk to a pleco friend of mine. i will update as i see it out and about more.

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im thinking for mine to stay solid green i will prob have to find a darker substrate. when its on the sand or startled it gets the marble look to it. if its up off the sand say drift wood or glass it goes darker more solid green. a pleco friend of mine was telling me calico's came from the wild greens years ago and then from calico they started breeding the green dragon color back so some do tent to have a more marble look at times. i kinda like it now that i see it though. my long fin brown was like that i had too. he would get a marble look if he was on the sand. any who here are a couple pics i snagged last night if it.








they are now buddies lol. and to top it off they were both in the bamboo together last night. sorry for the odd angle it was from behind the tank and off to the side lol


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