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Setting up a new tank


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Long story I will try to make it short. I have heavy planted aquariums. A 55 community tank and had 10g 13g and 30L shrimp tanks and I have a 12 empty. On my shrimps I use distilled water and replenish. Something started going terribly wrong. 1St the 30L broke when I shifted it, I got the big fire reds out and stuck them in the 13. I used flourish in that tank with some other macros like phos and root tabs in the 10. Nearly everything had died... about 7 fire reds, out of more than 70.  Funny but all the snails are fine. I wish it had killed off the pond snails but no luck.  so I've got the 12g eclipse, it's tall with a bow front but I'm not using the filter that comes with it. I'm using a fluval nano that come with their shrimp tank packages. I've got several and never once had a baby sucked up into it. Here's the change for me I've never done a tank  with less than 3" of eco-complete because I have always had plants. This time I'm just using 2 pieces of wood and a lava rock that have moss, marimo, petite nana and a few different types of java fern. I'm not trying any rooted plants to avoid fertz. These are the 2 pieces of wood and one or the other of those rocks


Should I leave to bottom bare or put a small amount of eco-complete down. I'm thinking the lava rock will do for a microbe growing spot but do they absolutely need substrate? Oh and I'm using the wood and rock out of other tanks does that instantly cycle a tank or do I need to wait awhile. 

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Oh no, I'm afraid you may have done your shrimp in before the tank cracked... Replenish contains sodium chloride (table salt), so it's not okay for shrimp. If you want to use Seachem products, you need to get equilibrium to raise your GH. It's mostly potassium with a 4:1 ratio of Ca:Mg with Fe, Mn, and other trace metals (and more importantly no sodium chloride). Good for plants too and your shrimp will not go into shock!

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