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TDS jump

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Is a TDS jump from 244 to 294 enough to kill a shrimp?


I found a shrimp twitching on it's side today and checked the TDS and saw it went up.

It may be because I fed them yesterday. I think I do it way wrong, but I usually put a small piece in there and let them eat it till its gone. Is this the killer too?

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Depends what shrimp, and as for food how big your tank is.


The smaller the tank, the easier to is to foul the water.  IN general if you aim for between 1-3 hours for food to be gone, you are good.  Snowflake is good because you can just leave it in there.


For cherries that TDS change wouldn't be a problem.  For more sensitive shrimp, I've had breeders tell me that 40TDS change in one day is all they do.

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Cherries in a 10g. I only had one go and they're doing okay today. I'll look up the snowflake food.

It's just weird that I keep having these random deaths.

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