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Auction Format, Rules & Questions

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This pinned post will be for all auction related questions and answers only.


Welcome to The Shrimp Spot Auction site. All members are welcome to participate in the auctions. Please be sure to read all the rules and also be sure to use the provided listing template. You can copy and paste the template in to your auction listing and fill in the blanks. If anyone has any questions or needs help please pm Vpier or any of the other mods.



Listing Format


● Item:
● Closing Date/Time:   (Always Eastern Time)

● Gender:

● Size:

● Homebred/Import:

● Parameters:

● Starting Bid:
● Minimum Bid Increment: $1.00
● Shipping:
● DOA Policy:




* Have fun!

* This auction is for Continental USA bidders and sellers only.

* You must use the provided template or your auction post will be deleted.

* The administrators of TSS will not be responsible for any disputes that take place in this auction. However, we will help try to resolve an issue if it cannot be worked out between the buyer and seller.

* Once the auction is listed it may not be deleted.

* No comments or posts other than bid price are allowed.

* Once bid has been made it may not be retracted without mod approval.

* Pictures must be of the actual livestock you are listing. You may not add/delete or alter the photo once it has been posted without mod approval.

* No “Buy It Now” or “Reserved Prices” allowed.

* The winner and seller are responsible for communicating with each other to complete their transaction.

* Payments must be made within 24 hours from the time the auction has ended unless terms have been agreed upon by the two parties involved

* All payments within this action must be made through PayPal using "Goods or Services".

* 5 minute auction extension will apply to all auctions.  The auction closing time on an item will be extended by 5 minutes each time a new bid is placed during the last 5 minutes of an auction. The item's closing time will continue to extend in 5 minute increments as long as there is continued bidding. The item will automatically close when there is a 5 minute extension period with no new bids.

* No more than one auction allowed per day per person.

* No proxy bids allowed.

* No sniping allowed.

* Failure to abide by these rules will result in being blocked from participating in any future auctions.

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1 hour ago, ShrimpP said:

What's "sniping"?

I looked it up, and it's apparently placing a higher bid at the last second? But with the 5 minute extension after a new bid, isn't "sniping" negated?

Yes your correct and it does sound redundant to state the "No sniping rule" but its better to be safe than sorry and try to eliminate any confusion.


If anyone has any questions or problems please PM me anytime. I will be moderating the auctions.

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On 5/2/2019 at 7:24 PM, Perseverance said:

Can you put home bred /  import too? Like the old auction format from FB.


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