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Here is my Before and After of my new shrimp tank setup


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Now, that I am done with that room, here is the before shot, and what I started with, and what

it looks like today, and how that side of the room looks like now.










This is what the room looks like across from the main tank. The other side
with a 10 gallon setup for emergencies, if I had to move the shrimp to this
10 gallon should something happen to my main tank.

other side of room across from main tank



Here is the 10 gallon tank and setup:


LT 10 gallon


LT 1 10 gallon Tank




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Looks really good, I wanna see some closeups of the design.

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You can see closeups of each section in my journal in my gallery, but I need to take some updated ones.

The thing that is hanging is a floating Moss Ball. I put xmas moss in it and attach small clear fishing line so it

hangs in the middle under the water, so they can't jump off it and go to another section, but they love

climbing on it, and they like the water flow on top. There is always a couple on it every time I look.

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