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Raok-200 member milestone- Now Open to ALL!!!


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So, for the event when we hit 200 member on ss I would like to use this thread for a raok. It could include food. Plants. Equipment. Anything I have on hand that I can make a package from. So please everyone get more people to join, let's get this raok going!!!!

We could also do a joint raok where I will have one package and pick one member someone else does someone else and so forth, I would like to get two more people involved in this joint raok.

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Haha that's true Bryce. But I'm glad you will contribute I was hoping you would. This will be a faily big package from me.

But I thinks it's only right to do something like this, less than two months ago we only had about 120

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There has got to be a way to reach out and get more members joining. What if you were to put a huge giveaway

on the home page and give it to the new people that signup?  A drawing or something. Entice them to join

and post at least twice, and by doing so they get into the huge giveaway. So the new members are the ones

that win the giveaway, and the senior members can donate to make the giveaway something really good.

I would help and donate some stuff to it.


Just a thought.

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Isn't that kinda what this RAOK is? We'll have to get it rolling with people signing up so it actually happens, but I think it's also ok for more experienced members to not-sign-up for it so the chances of newbies winning is higher. Or, better yet, they could do a more-than-such-and-such-post package and a less-than package, or a joined-before-blah-date package and joined-after-blah-date package.

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That's very generous of you.

however I think member 200-210 is to small a window. I believe a requirement of max 30)50 posts and had shrimp maybe for one year max (trust honesty on this on no true way to tell) should be two standard rules. Then out of the people that enter use a random number generator

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I was just looking at how many pages are full of member but have 0 posts, it's kinda sad there's only two pages with active member.

So the first rule is you must have at least 15 posts but no more than 100 to enter(if this is your 101 post that is ok)

There is 11 pages of members and only 3-4 of them have posts. And the first two pages are the active members

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We do have an active community here.  I think that's what's nice about this place.  Most of us believe that as shrimpers we have to encourage one another, instead of discourage.  THAT's what I really like about here.  Whether one is a beginner or professional, all are welcome. :)


Another thing I like is that I fully believe secrets in shrimping will KILL this hobby in the US if it keeps up.  Lots of tips have been shared very freely here, and will be big helps as we continue to unravel shrimping mysteries.. :thumbsu:

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Alright guys we have hit 200 member!!!!!!! Congratulations to the forum, we are really a close nit family sharing information and projects and our own techniques.

So here are the rules guys.

1. Must have a minimum of 10 posts, but no more than 100(if your entering this raok is 101 that is the only exception)

2.you will make a number list with your username and how many years you have been keeping shrimp

3. It is up to the person giving the raok if you will need to pay shipping or not.

4.winners will be drawn Sunday at anytime during the day, since we are all in different time zones I can not set a specific time.

Simple right?

What you will recieve if I draw your name

2x cholla wood one log and one unique piece

1x mineral rock sample

4x food sample

1x1 of a rare moss I have

1 quarter size baggy of bacter ae and betaglucan

Now soothing and shrimpo can post what there winnings will be.

Good luck everyone and thank you for helping to make this little fam informed and active.

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Let me add some important stuff. :)


23g 2014 Bee Pollen for baby shrimp

1 250mg packet of fenben for hydra or planaria

1 2oz bottle of Jungle Natural Colors powder for instant tannins that won't amber your water (good for infections)

...some moss w/ramshorns


If you have fish, I'll add:

1 vial of Brine Shrimp Eggs

1 vial of decap Brine Shrimp Eggs non-hatching


...and free shipping to the continental US. :)

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