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Are there specific ingredients you are looking to avoid then? 


You can try CSF OmniPro.  The ingredients are: Spinach Nettle, Seaweed, Walnut leaves, Pepper, Bee Pollen, Montmorillonite, Amaranth flour, Nutritional yeast, Healing Earth, Chia, Moringa oleifera, Astaxanthin


Or GlasGarten Shrimp Dinner ingredients are:  Chlorella algae, protein extracts of vegetable origin, squid, fennel, yeast extract, Asian cabbage, amino acids, algae extracts, lecithin, mustard seed.


Or Shrimp King Complete.  Ingredients are: Kelp, shrimp wholemeal, wheat protein, spirulina, stinging nettles, lucerne, kale, walnut leaves, birch leaves, gingko leaves, green-lipped mussel, yeast, Chlorella, pumpkin, birch bark, lapacho bark, aronia berries, flower pollen, fennel, dandelion, rosemary, spinach, barley grass.



If you are looking for the most cost effective I would say GlasGarten or the CSF.  CSF comes in sizes up to 1kg (though I currently only carry the 25g size) so if you ordered a larger size it would be cheaper then the GlasGarten.

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Well, since I'm a selective breeder, I am tenacious about not using anything to affect color.  Natural is what I need to make sure I'm selecting actual coloration and not enhanced.


I stay away from Astaxanthin for this reason.  It affects the coloration of tissue in neos.  Some people say is does not affect cards, I don't know.


Is Chlorella algae the same as Astax?



Poopians- I tried Ken's veggie sticks.  I honestly think that's where my problem with hydra and planeria came from, but of course I have no proof other than I never had a problem with them before.  Just that time period I was using Ken's sticks. 


Occasionally now I'll have hydra.  A couple times a year maybe?  Comes in from introduced things?  I don't know, but it's easy to get rid of.  Thank GOD I haven't had planeria since that one episode of Ken's sticks.


I now have a whole bag of Ken's sticks, I'm not doing anything with. Maybe I'll use it in my fish tanks for ramshorns since the fish will eat anything.

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You can tell planaria by a triangle head with crossed eyes.  They are meat eaters and will attack your shrimp somehow.  Seems weird since they move so slow, but I've seen it firsthand. !@!#@##^#




Thankfully, you can get rid of them by using fenbendazole.  The best I've found is the name "fish benzadole."


It is sold in 250 mg packets.  For a tenner, divide it in half and crush it.  Add to water OUTSIDE of tank, stir it up, and then pour in tank.  Shut off light for the first day because light degrades it.  3 days later dose again if needed.  Then wc.  Works like a charm.


For only hydra, divide 1 more time in half and do the same thing.  Works great.


(~.1g for planaria, ~.05 for hydra per tenner)


Oh, remove any Nerites, maybe Mystery snails too to be on the safe side.  Nerites will die from the dose.

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White tiny worms without triangle head are fine. I have them, they are ugly but not harmfull.

I have seen this in person at a fish store in the shrimp tanks (I did not buy anything from them needless to say, to be fair it looked like they were trying to fight them). But you would deffinatly see the triangle head on them.

My worm bloom went away after a week or so. I don't have to feed my shrimp but if you are feeding yours try feeding less, the population will go down. If you really hate them dog dewormer in a tea bag has had good results with out killing shrimp.


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