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Back with problems :(

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I don't know what keeps causing my random deaths here.



pH 7.4 kH 3 GH 8 TDS 266 ammonia, nitrite, nitrate 0 temp. 72


10g tank, filtered with an Aqueon QuietFlow 10 with purigen, dual sponge filter


various grade cherries


whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? :huh:

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Copper pipes?

I have heard they don't deposit that much copper, but could lead to issues.

If you don't have to many shrimp I might try putting them in a pitcher of old water, drain all your water. Refill with rm Ro water and dripped acclimate them over a day or so.

This is what I did when I had problems with my tap, even though it's basically ro, and it worked well. Had no deaths from accIimating and my deaths have extremely been reduced since.


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I really don't want to switch to RO:( I'm gunna start using BorneoWild Shield to see if it helps. They were breeding for a short period of time in my tank. I really hope it's not my tap. Is there any way to find out?

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If I dropped the TDS, my kH and GH parameters would fall. 


As it turns out, I do have copper pipes. Would CupriSorb take care of it, or should I actually buy a copper test kit first?

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Have you considered the inexpensive tap water purifier by Aquarium pharmaceutical . I have used when I needed soft RO type water when I kept killies and can tell you that it works great . You just hook it up to your faucet as needed .



The key is to run it 50% slower than recommended and on cold water thus cartridge lasts longer .


I found it a very underrated product .



I also use tapwater but never had problems everything thrives but either way it removes all impurities .

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I was gunna grab an API copper test kit just to see, but instead I figured why not just buy the cuprisorb to remove any possible traces. So I did that. Hoping that will fix it, or maybe the shield.

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