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Soothing Shrimp


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Feeding day today, and I'm trying the new product B-Leaves by Tantora.  100% organic, which I like.  Most of the ingredients are leaves-  moringa leaves, papaya leaves, amaranth leaves, ivy gourd leaves, vitamins, mulberry leaves, noni leaves, ginkgo leaves, catappa leaves, guava leaves, gotu kola leaves, miracle grass, and so on. It comes in stick form.


I tried feeding it to my crays, neos, Malawas, TaiTibs, TB, etc. today to see how they would react to it.  It is a new food for everyone, so I figured it may be so-so until they get used to the idea. I admit, sometimes my animals just don't like a new food.  Par for the course.


I was pleasantly surprised though.  Results were really good.  ALL animals accepted it readily.  In fact, in a couple tanks there were fights to get to it. LOL  It will go on my regular rotation now. :-)


The food sticks are a little long for my liking, but they are easily broken by hand to the proper size needed.  If everyone liked it, and that's my only complaint.  I'll take it.


If you are having problems locating it, the only sponsor from here I was able to find it so far was Han (H4N). 


I've attached some pics of some food mobs...well...just because I like pics. LOL




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We have it available also, just havent had time to take quality photos to add to the site.



Substratesource.com also has them available, with awesome photos.




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I know this is an old post but hope to get some more info.  Does this product have the same antibiotic and antiviral properties the actual leaves have?  Also do the leaves have these properties even if I pick them green and dry them or do they need to change color and dry naturally.

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