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Lighting for a 29 gal


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I love my finnex planted plus. I bought it thinking it would be low - mid light, but my plants are growing light it's high. Mind you though my light is only like 10 inches away from the substrate.

For that depth it would be in the low light range. They are cheap, give good light, and grow mosses (other plant aswell) well.

I like it so much I am thinking about getting another for my grow out tank. And if my led strip lighting doesn't grow the moss like I want it I will be buying one for my 15 gallon.


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I have a planted plus on my 29 and have to keep it 6 inches above the glass or I get crazy algae issues. This is a very bright light for me. The tank is low tech so maybe you'll have better luck with co2 and ferts. I'm looking for a less intense replacement.

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