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Water Conditioners -RAOK: UGF plates

Soothing Shrimp

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Offer title: RAOK: UGF plates

Offer Submitter: Soothing Shrimp

Offer Submitted: 25 Jun 2014

Offer Category: Shrimp Supplies

Random Act of Kindness:


I have 2 UGF plates.  Plastic and used with no uplift tubes. 


Each fits a 10g I believe.  Both fit a 20L.


I'm not going to use them, and you'll have to rinse them, however if someone here can use one or both- pm me.  Pay actual shipping and one or both is yours.


Gotta find/make a box for them.  I can ship them priority or snail mail.  Your choice since you are paying.


The plastic UGF plates are like the ones in the googled pic below, but without uplift tubes:



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Two plastic pipes with airstones will do it, or hook it to a filter/pump.  All it takes is something to draw water through.  I'll look for any uptubes, but I think they are long gone...  I got these from a garage sale with a tank I bought a couple years ago.  I didn't need them, so they get passed onto someone who may use them.

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