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Desktop Greenhouse?

Soothing Shrimp

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I bought a number of tenners this week, and while washing them today I noticed one has a cracked bottom.  I have no idea if I did it myself or I bought it that way.  However for $10 I'm not going to make a big deal out of it.


I figured instead, maybe I could use it for something else.


Is it possible to use it for plants?  I could put a piece of glass/ or seran wrap to use as a cover and keep humidity in if needed.  Heck, I can keep the hood on it if needed.


Easy enough to caulk the bottom to hold humidity, but I wouldn't trust it to hold ten gallons of water.


Emersed may be best... (?)


All my hobbies has to pay for itself, or in this case- help pay for equipment for my shrimp.  So suggestions on plants to grow that may sell to help fund my shrimp hobby?


Plants that grow fast would be great.  I have almost no patience. :LOL

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Definitely! A few of my friends do emersed setups to grow out plants. I've received excellent plants from them, it's really fantastic for growth.

You'll probably want stem plants that grow quickly if you are looking at fast turnaround. I have mostly slow growing crypts, so I'm not the best person to ask. I would suggest looking at hygrophila or ludwigia species to start with, though.

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I have a number of emersed setup.


I find I have best growth using ADA aquasoil believe it or not!

compared to say Micrale grow soil or even high end hydroponic soil I got.


lighting.. the more lighting the quicker plants grow. But the more light the keep they dry also.

Dont keep it completely covered it needs a small hole for co2/o2 exchange.


Plants... it really all depends on you.


Buce grow slower emersed. Crypt are nice but slow...


stems are foreground is probably your best bet.


LMK if you got more questions.

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got it.


keep in mind when first planting emersed plant they take a bit to adjust and settle and then boom they take off so dont get discouraged at first.

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Carnivorous plants $.$

Seriously, if you get good at this, there can be a good market. Knew a guy once who did it and sold them, did pretty well. Don't know how fast they grow though, or how tricky they are.

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I have some starter plants Han sent me as a RAOK.  I'll have to get some miracle grow tomorrow and set it up.


I'm going to use plastic containers inside since I hadn't siliconed the bottom before the plants arrived.  I found out yesterday that many of the plastic containers don't have measurements on them, so I'll have to take a tape measure with me tomorrow.


BTW WELCOME!  I was hoping you'd show up! :)

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The fastest growth will be from glosso and bacopa not expensive but will definately pay itself and more due to fast turnaround.Started an emmersed setup myself today with two old goldfish bowls did not know about the breather though it does not completely make sense as plants should give of o2 during the day and co2 during the night thus being a self contained and maintained setup.

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