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several small or 1 large?

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I have previously tried to stay in the range of 10 shrimp per 5.5 x 8 bag when shipping out shrimp. This has often resulted in several bags being used when shipping out 20 or more shrimp.

However now that I have to buy more bags...

...is it better to have one large breather bag for multiple shrimp, or several smaller breather bags?


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i would say it kinda depends. for most common shrimp (pfr, cherry, crs) i would say 10 -15 in a breather bag would work. i think the common is 5.5 inch or something. if its more expensive shrimp like your nessies or tb i would do no more than 8 per bag. that way if something were to happen to 1 bag the other bag(s) still have a chance. 


i do the same with guppies when i ship. i put males 1-2 to a bag and females 2 to a bag. i use 4x16 polly bags. i keep males and females apart in shipping due to stress and breeding issues. if i am shipping a very preggers female she will go by her self just in case she drops in deliver. if im sending a couple trio then i use 4 bags. just in case so you done loose all if a bag pops or one dies in transit. i go for the "dont put all your eggs in one basket" theory lol



i say test and see how more shrimp do in a bag. i ordered i think it was tiger shrimp a few years ago and had all 25 in one 5.5x8 breather. all did ok. breather bags are good that way.


i have had shrimp in the mail for 2 weeks when i got shrimp from germany and i also had a 2+ inch bristlenose in a breather bag for 6 days with no prob so im pretty sure you can go more than 10 shrimp in a 5.5 x 8 cause thats what my green bn was in and it for sure produced more waist

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If the shrimp are small I put up to 20 in the small bags with 1 cup of water.  I would also recommend multiple bags vs using larger bags to limit the risk of losing shrimp if the bag leaks or a shrimp dies and pollutes the water.

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