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What do you feed, what type of snails and how are you doing filtration?


I used to breed mystery snails and I had a huge HOB hooked up to a double sponge filter.  2x-3x a week I had to clean the sponges because the would "hourglass" because of clogging.


I also had to keep clean bottom tanks and vacuum them every other day.  Great colors of snails, but lots of work.

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Yea man that's the only,way to remove the smell. Get a cheap hob with carbon be gone in a day or two. Snails produce lots of waste good mechanical filtration helps.


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More like compact it so it is not so spread out over the tank.  Many serious shrimp breeders do not vacuum their tanks much because microspikes may happen to harm shrimp. The snails compact what is leftover from the shrimp and also eat uneaten food, so there is less clean up.


Infusoria is created from snail waste as well, and when these die off with their short life span it adds food for shrimp.


The snail trails (slime) is also a natural food for baby shrimp for increased survival, although some adults will snack on it too.

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