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How to create and keep green algae for sulawesi tank??

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Hi all, I have tried lot of methods to create and keep algae, but still failed (even using algae sprout with plant fertilizer for shrimp).... Did you have any solution or suggestion to keep algae cover tank like pictures below??


Any help will be appreciated. 





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Are you making sure it gets lots of sunlight?

I have a green bowl that is covered. Its resident ghost shrimp has vanished after more than a year, but it has always been covered in green.


For this experiment I set up a 5 gal bowl and left it in the sun. Once it greened up I added 3 ghosts. ghost shrimp being ghost shrimp I soon had one. That lived just fine for more than a year in the "only add water" bowl. No food no water changes, 1 happy shrimp.


Of course I have only 1 shrimp. You might have to run multiple tanks and just move the shrimp to whichever has grown out the most.

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Never kept cardinals in green water. Over time you'll get algae in the tank. Nothing but aging tank will help get you there.

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