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New strains, pictures & names

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At another forum, 2 members named their new shrimp strain they are working on with the same name. In order to avoid that in the future, I think a sticky with pictures of your shrimp and the selected name will provide some kind of patent that let people choose different name for their new strain.

What do you think?  I am sure Soothing Shrimp knows what I am talking about.

Rose Malawa Shrimp :



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Yeah, it gets real confusing real fast when people have projects with the same name.


I'll add pics later (On the freeze-up computer right now)


Nessie  (only green cherry of it's kind in the world, as far as I know!)


Sunshine  (my project for intensely colored painted yellows)


Inkwell (solid black cherry)


Cellophane (clear cherry)


Zombie (orange rili with blue tissue)

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I think there are now green neos now in Taiwan, I just don't know how true they breed. But your Nessie has been a great project to follow. I love the time and look you have created Bryce

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