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What should I feed my shrimp?


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Hello I have just set up a 50L shrimp tank that has 20 ish snowballs, the tank is NOT cycled but I had added a sponge filter that was seeding in a healthy cycled fish tank for around 10 days, and I moved a little bit of gravel, 5 bio balls and a fake plant from the fish tank to the shrimp tank. I didn't get an instant cycle but I guess I have enough bacteria colonies for the low bio load of 20 shrimps, now my question is, what should I feed these shrimps, I guess that I need a food that wont dissolve in the water and make an ammonia spike that could potentially kill the shrimps. At the moment I have spirulina tablets,tropical vitality & color flakes, Tetra pro colour crisps, all of these could make a big ammonia spike if im not mistaken?

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