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Tips and Tricks to trigger breeding during Fall / Winter


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Haven't seen berried shrimp in any of my tanks (maybe except neocaridina but also very slow) since mid September.

Do you guys have any good tips and tricks to try to trigger breeding during the slow months ?

Everything is pretty steady in my tanks maybe temp is couple degrees higher to about 73-74 due to furnace running and actually basement being warmer then in summer.


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I've had tanks side by side through the winter, some with heaters, some with heaters that were a little too warm, some without heaters at all. I can tell you IME that the tanks with the most stable temps (with heaters) were most productive. Although it's harder to keep them cooler without them getting too cold, the tanks that remained between 68-74 F bred better than those that got too warm.
Another thing to try is to slowly drop your TDS and GH over a few days with small RODI water changes. This simulates spring time conditions and allows females to molt and males will go looking for them to mate.
Hope this helps.

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