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SL-Aqua Mironekuton Mineral Stones


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Hey everyone,


I've had my mixed caridina tank up for almost two months now, everything is going well.  I keep one of these SL-Aqua Mironekuton stones in the tank and I am starting to think it's raising my TDS.  I've had a slow creep for a while, and I've been doing RO changes to lower the TDS back to about 160ish.  Within a day I'm back up to 185-195 TDS.  I'm using Brightwell soil and don't have any other stone in the tank, just driftwood.  The only thing I can think is it's the stone.  Now, is this bad TDS or good?  My shrimp molt fine, I have berried females, I'm just worried about the higher TDS.  After 2 weeks, coming from 160 TDS it will sit around 200-205.  This is high for caridina, but they are doing good.  


I see mixed responses on if these are snake oil or not, but I'm afraid to remove and have the shrimp get molting issues.  I remineralize with Blue Wizard to 160 TDS/5-6GH.


Thanks in advance!

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I have a benibachi mironekuton stone in my 30L tank and it's not raising tds over time to any noticble extent. You either have too much of it or it is dissolving too fast for whatever reason. You should definitely be fine removing it and checking the situation - these stones are not essential and you will most likely not have any molting issues as long as your gh is high enough. 


Aside from the raise of tds which is really huge in your case mironekuton can also raise ph if you have excess, so your soil can burn off much faster.

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