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Another idea for a shrimplet safe tankmate...


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I was at my local petco earlier today and I saw a cool fish: Blind Cave tetras. I had a little brain fart and thought they might be shrimp safe as they can't see the shrimplets? I decided for a buck apiece I couldn't do much wrong, so I got a school of 6.

Will quarantine them for now, but think I'll test it out with some tiny shrimplet culls. Maybe in a breeder box?

Will update this thread! If anyone has tried this before let me know!

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I wouldn't really dismiss being blind as a reason to why they wouldn't eat shrimplets. Usually blind organisms have other means of  "seeing" 

From what I've seen with other blind organisms, they  sense by smell, or feel with vibrations. 

Personally as a breeder. I would never keep fish and shrimp together, since you're adding more variables to cause something to go wrong. Whether its passively stressing them out, or disturbing shrimps when it comes time for feeding. 

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True, and I've been seeing that even though they're blind; they look everywhere for food. Still really neat fish!

For me personally I like to have some display tanks with nano fish, and some set up for breeding with only shrimp.

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