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New Colony - Sakura RCS - Scutariella japonica

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Hello All,


I'm new to this site and relatively new to shrimp keeping. I've kept Planted Aquariums for the past six years always keeping Amano Shrimp in my displays. I've long wanted to keep a tank with shrimp as a centerpiece however. About a month ago I purchased 40 Sakura RCS from an online retailer (reputable from my research). All have done well thus far. Only one berried female however.


Yesterday however I found what I believe to be Scutariella japonica on about 6 of the shrimp. It appears to be 5-6 "strands"on average on any given shrimp (Located on the Head). After researching for several hours on this site along with a few others I progressed with giving all affected shrimp a salt dip. 1 Teaspoon per cup of tank water.


This appears to have greatly reduced the Scutariella japonica which is visible. I proceeded with a second dip today, as I could still see a few single parasites on a handful of shrimp.


I have 10in Tweezers being delivered today so that I can easily remove molts from the tank.


My Question: I ordered Seachem Paragaurd as a secondary treatment for the entire tank. My concern is that I don't want to spot treat individuals.....only to have them contract the parasite once again within the habitat. On the other hand, I only turn to treating entire tanks as a last resort. As Shrimp Keepers do you feel it necessary to treat the entire tank in this case?


Tank Parameters:


Ammonia: 0 ppm

Nitrite: 0 ppm

Nitrate: 5 ppm

KH: 4 Degrees

GH: 125.3

pH: 7.4

Temp: 76F


*Weekly 5 gallon water changes


Thanks for your expertise


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I would treat the entire tank.  I know people keep reporting success with salt dips but I know alot of advanced hobbyists including myself who could not eradicate this problem doing dips(just being honest) It kept popping back up


The reason I had a hard time the time I dealt with it - Its hard to salt dip once your colony starts to grow. Just do the whole tank


I wish you the best of luck!

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I had it in neocaridina topaz blue....

I start with 10 shrimps the most was afected.

I just remove molts from the tank,

Now shrimps are 100+ and never see this parasite  again.

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