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Aquatic Plants -trade moss/guppy grass for shrimp

Soothing Shrimp

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Offer title: trade moss/guppy grass for shrimp

Offer Submitter: Soothing Shrimp

Offer Submitted: 01 Jul 2014

Offer Category: Aquatic Plants

Anyone interested in trading?


I have moss and guppy grass available in exchange for shrimp. :thumbsu:


Moss comes from Fish tanks and have little to no algae.  They do have ramshorns though.  Regardless, you may want to dip or whatever you do.


I *think* I have java and also either Christmas, Peacock or Taiwan.  All the triangle shapes run together for me- and they have been grown in different lighting.


Naja may have Malawa Shrimp tag alongs, although unlikely- it is still a possibility.

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Trade Values

$10 loose tennis ball of java-ish moss

$14 loose tennis ball of Christmas-Peacock-Taiwan-ish moss


$6 loose tennis ball of floating Naja grass


I'll be generous.  :) :) :) :) :) :) :)


Keep in mind, I'm no moss expert- so these are what they LOOK like to me.  You could get some rare form of Tanzanian type for all I know! LOL   Whatever the ID turns out to be, you're going to get a good price.

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