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10 + 1 Beautiful Red Bloody Mary Shrimp!


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10 Bloody Mary Shrimp. This sale is for 10 Bloody Mary Shrimp, however I'll include an extra one to help off set any DOAs.  ~2-4 months old, some are getting or have their first saddles.  My water parameters:  Gh: 7 KH: 6 pH: 7.4 and 8 after off gassing. The temperature in their tank was 74 degrees F. They were fed Hikari Crab and Shrimp diet, bloodworms, Omega algae wafers, zuchini, peas, and were very fond of Indian Almond leaves. Native algae was also present in the tank for their consumption.   I have 2 packages to offer.  $45.00 plus $14.50 s/h.  72 hour heat pack included and they'll be shipped in insulation (the paper, blown-in non itchy kind).  :)


Bloody Mary 1 FinalAB.jpgFinal2862AB.jpgFinal2892AB.jpgFinal 2893AB.jpg

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I'm Soooo happy they finally arrived!  Doing the 'Happy Dance' for you!   Big time!  I worried about those babies...  And if you loose some I'll replace them.  I don't do this for a living, I just do it for a hobby.  I'm more concerned about folks getting healthy shrimp and being happy.

And thanks for the great plug!

Your "Christmas Tank" will look stunning!!!

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