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Possible molting related deaths, input appreciated

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Water parameters

PH - 6.2

GH - 5

TDS - 190

Temperature - 80F

nitrates, nitrites, ammonia - 0


My tank is well established and I haven't previously had any issues with any deaths. But in the last week I've lost about 5 shrimp, I was thinking that they may be suffering from molting issues since the two that I witnessed dying were laying on their side and "twitching" and moving their arms and antennas but not physically going anywhere. But I've been taking water parameters daily and doing bi weekly 20% water changes. Most shrimp are fine molting and I see molts laying around the tank all the time. I'm not exactly sure what could be causing these deaths, there are no hydra or planaria in my tank, no sign of fungal infections, and I have not added anything new to the tank for quite some time. Open to advice, also have another younger shrimp tank that has the same stock that has been doing fine that I could possibly move the shrimp to if need be but for the sake of not keeping my all my "eggs" in one "baskey" I'd rather keep them separate for the time being till I can isolate the issue.

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Do they maybe have a cloudy body? When mine were dying they had a cloudy body, also my shrimps tend to molt way more then usual, (like once a week, so far 30 exos on the gravel while i only have 13 shrimps) in the past three weeks, no idea why. Are your shrimps new to the tank, and did you order them or bought in a lfs?

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