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SOLD 10 Wild Type Neo Shrimp for Cheap!

Soothing Shrimp

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(1 package) 10 Wild Type Neo Shrimp (some adults, some juvie, possibly pee wees.)

wild shrimp.jpg

(Image from Google, but mine are very much the same.)


I kept these for two reasons.

1) To test cross my Nessie strain to see if the green was recessive or dominant to wild (Weirdly, Nessie was dominant over wild.)

2) To eventually cross into other established strains to see if a new strain possibility would pop out.  (Never got to do that project.)


10 Wild Type Neo Shrimp (plus any I find in the tank I'm taking down) for only 9.95


Priority shipping is 10.00 in the continental US.

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