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6 is all


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I ordered sakura from a vendor on Amazon. Reviews were good but all were doa except one. From the survivor and the best I could tell they were good quality. The replacements came 5 ended of making it and id call them culls. While I dont terribly mind they arent sakura.

So I have 6 shrimp lol. From best I can tell two are female. All are fairly young. They have now been in my 10g for about 2 weeks. I do not have any predator issues and am heavily planted.

What are your thoughts? Any chance these numbers will be good enough to build a population or should I buy more ?

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if you paid for Sakuras and got culls, I would let that person know that you want Sakuras vs. culls.


6 shrimp will form a colony as long as you have both sexes.  But, you may buy a few more from a different seller in hopes to get better quality so that when your colony developes, you have a better chance of getting good looking shrimp.

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