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hello all

cyris krow

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Hiya, my name is Jeff eveyone calls me krow. I am an ex wild life rehabber who is very bad at spelling .I love everthing to do with amphibians,Herps,invertbrates .Like Shrimp crays and crabs.Me and my wife (who loves Axolotis) are vegans we grow a lot of our own food.we live in New York.with our 2 human sons we have 2 other human 1 boys and a girl as well as 2 grandchildern .Now for our favorite kids(jk) we have many rescues which include 2 rabbits(female lionshead male dwarf), 1 female guinea pig ,3 juvenile bearded dragons 2 males 1 female, 2 male fire belly toads 1 female (Always looking for another female)non rescues. Colony of jade green shrimp Me and my wife are old punk rockers from the L.E.S

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