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So much for the bettas.

Crackhead Johny

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Something went through the tank and did a 100% kill in ~3 days. 50-60 dead bettas.

It looked like fungus. Maybe we misidentified bacteria as fungus. 

The L134s are still alive but if they have whatever nuked the tank I'm certainly not moving them to another tank.


It was a bad week or two for the bettas first their heater failed and the temp went down to 65, then this.


Now I have to figure out how to sanitize the tank with living plecos in it before deciding on whether to build another betta colony or just put in 6-7 nice discus. I kind of want the discus.

I will also have to bleach everything that has been in that tank. nets, scrubbers, etc.

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On examining some of the ones in the last pile we pulled from the tank it looks like the mistake was misdiagnosing bacterial infection as fungal. So the white cloudy areas that looked like fungus were bacteria as was visible on postmortum  fish that had red aggravated areas.


So right now  the tank water is nuclear green from the fungicide and also full of antibiotics and an anti parasitic. Whatever the problem is, it is getting nuked.


I really hope the 2 L134s live as I haven't been able to find them in the US since I got them. I saw some in Canada but was not sure how customs from there would work and a batch of them that were crazy expensive on ebay but that is it.


Only change to the tank was adding more water and they just got a new batch of Ghost shrimp from Petsmart. I wouldn't think that shrimp share diseases with fish but who knows. Apparently people can get tuberculosis from fish if they work real hard at it.

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