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End of the year sales.


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All packages are shipped priority usps don't worry about weather I cover all doa and will ship out to anowhere no matter how cold. Please pm me with any questions.


12 fire red cherrys  $40 shipped 


12 Red Rillis $40 shipped 


12 blue dreams $65 shipped


12 yellow 24k $50 shipped 


12 Bloody marry $70 shipped


12 Green Jades %70 shipped 


12 CRS $50 shipped


12 CBS  $50 shipped 


12 michilings  $50 shipped 


12 black panda $80 shipped 


12 red pandas  $120 shipped 


12 TGOE PRL $120 shipped 


12 a grade Blue Bolt $120 shipped 


12 s grade Blue Bolts $170 shipped


12 black zebra pinto $250 shipped


12 Yellow King Kongs  $75 shipped












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For the most part all the shrimp will be juvies and will have the best chance at breeding the fastest when adding them into your set up. adults go through so much stress during shipping their reproductive organs take a toll and breeding is stalled and reduced in the end.

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3 minutes ago, TheGardenofEder said:

If you buy two packages take $10 off.


24k is a the highest grade for yellow neos.


Ykks breed true.


So Golden back is just bellow the 24K? How is it differ on the color? Is the color intensity of the gold stripe or their actual yellow body color? 

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