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Tannin Aquatics

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As more and more hobbyists play with the "botanical/blackwater"-style aquarium concept, we're seeing more experimentation, more new ideas, and a lot of interest related to the setup, husbandry, and long-term operation of these systems. We talk a lot here about the fact that a botanical-style aquarium is sort of always "evolving", as we are continuously adding, removing, or rotating in new botanicals and leaves to replace those which have decomposed. It's a bit different than a typical aquarium  because you're sort of "editing on the fly" on a more or less continuous basis.  This dovetails nicely with the "maturing process" of an aquarium- specifically, thoughts on what the difference is between a tank that is just “cycled”, and one that is defined as “mature.” 



I guess the logical place to start such a discussion would be…at the beginning. Well, the beginning phases of your tank, that is.  You know what I mean: You’ve designed the perfect  system. You have a beautiful, low-iron glass aquarium, the best filter you can afford, an insanely tuned LED lighting system...You're going to represent an asian-themed blackwater habitat, and your fish choices are looking good. You've selected some choice leaves and botanicals from an online vendor (hmm, who could that be...?) and you're ready to go. Yeah, this tank is gonna rock! (click to read more)

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