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Tangible proof of "the mental shift"

Tannin Aquatics

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If you've been following Tannin for a while (like a year and a half now!), you realize that we've been spending a lot of time and effort not only building our brand and offerings, but working towards creating a "mental shift" in the larger aquarium hobby towards the perception of blackwater/botanical-style aquariums.


We think it's happening!

Since we've been in existence, many of you have participated in this global, ever-growing shift towards a more unique style of aquarium, and have brought enthusiasm, creativity, and open-mindedness to the party! It's been pretty gratifying to watch blackwater aquariums, once relegated to the shadowy "oddball" category, moving towards a more rightful place as a legitimate alternative to what's been pushed on us for almost two decades as a "natural style" aquarium.


One of the interesting things that we've noticed is how "technique" or "best practices" in our little niche has evolved. With more and more aquarists entering into the fray, and sharing their aquariums and ideas, we've seen a thriving community of "tinters" sharing their ideas, questioning long-held beliefs, and generally pushing through mental barriers that were erected years before by hobbyists who likely never even attempted to keep such an aquarium. (click to read more)

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